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If you would like more information about becoming a foster carer please call us on 01753 550031, we would really like ot talk to you.


Children of the worldWhat experience and qualities do I need to be a foster carer?

Many different kinds of people can provide a secure, caring environment for children and young people who are separated from their own families, and we need a range of people to meet children and young people’s different needs.

We need foster carers who;

  • Are patient, sensitive, have lots of energy, and a sense of humour;
  • Have space in their lives and home;
  • Are willing to learn and seek support;
  • Are adaptable and emotionally resilient;
  • Are able to value and understand a child’s past experiences;
  • Can empathise with the difficulties the child will have gone through;
  • Are able to remain committed to the child through both good and challenging times;
  • Will support the child in maintaining contact with their family and friends;
  • Will encourage, support and promote the educational needs of the child;
  • Will encourage and provide a healthy lifestyle;
  • Will support the child’s individual interests.

All people applying to foster are required to engage in preparation training and once approved to continue to attend ongoing training.